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Dive into our diverse range of exercises, designed for every fitness level. Explore our dynamic class schedule, and find your perfect fitness rhythm. Your transformation journey starts here.

Seamless Scheduling with Mindbody

Book, Drop In, Train, Easy.

San Diego Elite Training has partnered with Mindbody to allow members the ability to book their own classes at the times they are available. If you would like to purchase a Bootcamp Drop In pass to see if SDET is for, you can find SDET on Mindbody online or by downloading the Mindbody app, and create an account. Or, just call the gym and let them know you want to come check them out.

Class Schedule (Mon-Fri)
Class Schedule (Sat)
What to expect from our classes

Transformation awaits

Classes are based on compound movements and progressive overload. We mix them up enough to keep you engaged, but keep them organized in a way to ensure you are going to make progress. Welcome to San Diego Elite Training, your new state-of-the-art facility and fitness community.

Elite Strength Mastery
Unlock new power with guided weightlifting sessions.
Conditioning Workouts
Group conditioning workouts designed to improve cardiovascular performance.
Full-body resistance machines
Strengthen your muscles while improving your endurance.
Movement Workshops
Master your movement in focused workshops.
Group classes, personal feels
Personal training experience without the steep cost.
Master the main lifts
Lift heavier and safer with expert techniques and guidance.
Friends dont let friends lift alone
Empower yourself and others with group training sessions.
Our coaches push you to new limits
Master dynamic workouts for full-body strength.
Injury Recovery & Prevention
Strengthen weak areas and avoid future injuries.

Stay updated with our fitness journey. Follow us for workouts, tips, member spotlights, and a healthy dose of motivation.