1670 Greenfield Dr

El Cajon CA 92021

I have been working with Chris consistently for 7 months now and I chose Chris to be my trainer after watching how he interacts with clients, hearing about his weight loss journey, and seeing how open he his with his own mental health battles. Struggling myself, I needed a trainer who could relate firsthand. Chris genuinely cares about his clients overall fitness which includes your physical as well as mental health. He always makes himself available for check-ins, questions, or those tough days when you’re feeling down. Chris knows my strength and capabilities better than I know my own and encourages me to push harder and lift heavier. Chris also tailored my nutrition plan which helped me take my fitness journey to the level. I would recommend Chris to anyone who is looking to make significant changes to their overall health. You will see yourself transform in other ways beyond just the physical part. Chris has not just become my trainer but a friend along the way.

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