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Shasta Clark

This gym is awesome! I always feel supported by the trainers, inspired by my fellow members, and motivated to keep showing up with all that I’ve got. These classes are no joke, but HARD WORK WORKS and there is no better place to be or community to surround yourself with to get the work done!

Oh Nick…

I have a real love/hate for Nick’s workouts & conditioning workouts. But you always know what you’re getting with him. I’ve never seen the guy in a bad mood, or even mad. He always has a good attitude. He’s a tough trainer, but you feel so great after. He will call you out for sure if you’re “dramatic” too! He’s great & funny at times too! 😆 Nothing but love ♥️

Another awesome trainer and friend!

I meet Joey his first day at another gym and it normally takes me awhile to warm up to new trainers. Yet, he was engaged and had a good positive energy and I was like heck yeah this guy is a huge plus on day one and an amazing trainer! Now a few years later, I’m super stoked to have him back in the mix and with us at SDET! He’s always helping correct form, giving you that extra little push if needed, and overall super encouraging! Great addition to SDET! 🙌🏽💙🖤

The New Location

The new location definitely has become home fast, but then again doesn’t matter where we are as long as we have the amazing and motivating trainers that we do, and the positive vibes of our fitfam…we will continue to be ELITE! 💪🖤💙SDET

No BS from Chris

Chris has to be my favorite trainer I have worked with. From his wealth of knowledge on strength training, to his clear communication on why we train a certian way, has never left me questioning why after each session. I have been working with Chris for 8 months now, and the results keep coming. I’m stronger, I’m leaner, and because of these results, I’m always looking forward to what is next. Chris is honest, and upfront with his expectations. Which I appreciate the no b.s. addittude and feedback. If you looking for someone to be stright forward with you, push you and make you laugh while you’re working out. Hit up Chris. You will not be disappointed.

Absolutely Love Cara!

😍 She’s an inspiration to so many and me for sure! 💪🏽🤩 She keeps it real in all aspects of her life and therefore will not be afraid to call you out when your slacking but also keep you motivated and encourage you as well through your workouts! Her energy all around is banging! Thankful she’s part of the trainers at SDET! 🙌🏽💙🖤

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